Sacrifice Zones – The Fossil Fuel Threat


Photo Credits:
Richmond Chevron Refinery photos: Barbara Bernstein, Elaine Velazquez
Oil Trains & Mosier Fire photos: Columbia Riverkeeper
Aerial photos of Mosier fire: Paloma Ayala

Here are all the fossil fuel projects proposed, completed or defeated in the Pacific Northwest.
Thanks to Eric de Place with Sightline Institute for providing this exhaustive list.

Portland, OR: Arc Logistics oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Ferndale, WA: BP Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Burnaby, BC: Chevron Canada Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Clatskanie, OR: Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Dead
Hoquiam, WA: Grays Harbor Terminal Expansion oil-by-rail – Status: Probably dead
Hoquiam, WA : Imperium oil-by-rail – Status: Dead
Bruderheim, AB to Kitimat, BC: Northern Gateway Pipeline – Status: Dead
Vancouver, WA: NuStar oil-by-rail – Status: Dead
Ferndale, WA: Phillips 66 Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Longview, WA: Riverside Bio-Refinery and oil-by-rail terminal – Status: Dead
Anacortes, WA: Shell Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Dead
Tacoma, WA: Targa Terminals oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Anacortes, WA: Tesoro Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Edmonton, AB to Burnaby, BC: Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion – Status: Active proposal
Hoquiam, WA: US Development oil-by-rail – Status: Dead
Tacoma, WA US Oil Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Vancouver, WA: Vancouver Energy oil-by-rail terminal – Status: Active proposal

Fracked Gas and Petrochemical Projects
Digby Island, BC: Aurora LNG – Status: Active proposal

Stewart, BC: Stewart Energy LNG – Status: Active, but little progress
Kitimat, BC: Cedar LNG – Status: Active proposal
Dawson Creek, BC to Kitimat, BC: Coastal GasLink pipeline – Status: Active proposal
Campbell River, BC: Discovery LNG – Status: Active
Kitimat, BC – Douglas Channel LNG – Status: Dead; Output: LNG
Grassy Point near Prince Rupert, BC: Grassy Point LNG – Status: Active proposal
Squamish, BC: Eagle Mountain–Woodfibre Gas Pipeline – Status: Active proposal
Longview, WA: Haven propane-by-rail – Status: Dead
Bamberton, BC: Island Gas Connector pipeline – Status: Active proposal
Coos Bay, OR: Jordan Cove LNG – Status: Maybe dead
Kalama, WA: Kalama Methanol Plant – Status: Active proposal
Kitimat, BC: Kitimat LNG – Status: Active proposal
Kitsault, BC: Kitsault Energy – Status: Active, but little progress
Kitimat, BC: LNG Canada – Status: Dead
Malahat Nation territory north of Victoria, BC: Malahat LNG – Status: Active proposal
near Prince Rupert: NewTimes Energy LNG – Status: Active, but little progress;
Nasoga Gulf, BC: Nisga’a LNG – Status: Speculative
Dawson Creek, BC to Summit Lake, BC: North Merrick Mainline pipeline – Status: Probably dead
near Prince Rupert, BC: Orca LNG – Status: Active proposal
Warrenton, OR: Oregon LNG – Status: Dead
Warrenton, OR: Oregon LNG Pipeline – Status: Dead
Malin, OR to Coos Bay, OR: Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline – Status: Maybe dead
Kitimat, BC: Pacific Northern Gas Pipeline expansion – Status: Maybe dead
Lelu Island, BC: Pacific Northwest LNG – Status: Active proposal
Summit Lake, BC to Kitimat, BC: Pacific Trail Pipeline – Status: Active proposal
Portland, OR: Pembina propane-by-rail – Status: Dead
Ferndale, WA: Petrogas propane export terminal – Status: Operational
Clatskanie, OR: Port Westward Methanol Plant – Status: Active proposal
Hudson’s Hope, BC to Prince Rupert, BC: Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Line – Status: Active proposal
Prince Rupert, BC: Prince Rupert LNG – Status: Dead
Sarita Bay, BC: Sarita LNG – Status: Active proposal
Tacoma, WA: Tacoma LNG – Status: Active proposal
Tacoma, WA: Tacoma Methanol Plant – Status: Dead
Anacortes, WA: Tesoro Refinery Clean Products Upgrade – Status: Active proposal
Tilbury Island, Delta, BC: Tilbury LNG expansion and Wespac jetty – Status: Active
Kitimat, BC: Triton LNG – Status: Probably dead
Watson Island, Prince Rupert, BC: Watson Island LNG – Status: Probably dead
Tuck Inlet, Prince Rupert, BC: WCC LNG – Status: Active proposal
Cypress, BC to Prince Rupert, BC: Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project – Status: Active proposal
Longview, WA: Washington Energy Storage and Transfer (WEST) propane-by-rail – Status: Dead
Prince Rupert, BC: Watson LPG – Status: Active proposal
Squamish, BC: Woodfibre LNG – Status: Active proposal

Hoquiam, WA: County International Bulk Export Terminal – Status: Dead

Surrey, BC: Fraser Surrey Docks coal export terminal – Status: Maybe Dead;
Ferndale, WA: Gateway Pacific coal export terminal – Status: Dead;
Clatskanie, OR: Kinder Morgan coal export terminal – Status: Dead
Longview, WA: Millenium Bulk Logistics – Status: Probably dead
Boardman and Clatskanie, OR: Morrow Pacific coal export terminals – Status: Dead|
North Vancouver, BC: Neptune Bulk Terminals expansion – Status: Delayed
Coos Bay, OR: Project Mainstay coal terminal – Status: Dead
Hoquiam, WA: RailAmerica Grays Harbor Coal Terminal – Status: Dead
Prince Rupert, BC: Ridley Coal Terminal expansion – Status: Maybe dead
Delta, BC: Westshore Terminals – Status: Operational