Here are all the fossil fuel projects proposed, completed or defeated in the Pacific Northwest.
Thanks to Eric de Place with Sightline Institute for providing this exhaustive list.

Portland, OR: Arc Logistics oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Ferndale, WA: BP Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Burnaby, BC: Chevron Canada Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Clatskanie, OR: Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Dead
Hoquiam, WA: Grays Harbor Terminal Expansion oil-by-rail – Status: Probably dead
Hoquiam, WA : Imperium oil-by-rail – Status: Dead
Bruderheim, AB to Kitimat, BC: Northern Gateway Pipeline – Status: Dead
Vancouver, WA: NuStar oil-by-rail – Status: Dead
Ferndale, WA: Phillips 66 Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Longview, WA: Riverside Bio-Refinery and oil-by-rail terminal – Status: Dead
Anacortes, WA: Shell Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Dead
Tacoma, WA: Targa Terminals oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Anacortes, WA: Tesoro Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Edmonton, AB to Burnaby, BC: Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion – Status: Active proposal
Hoquiam, WA: US Development oil-by-rail – Status: Dead
Tacoma, WA US Oil Refinery oil-by-rail – Status: Operational
Vancouver, WA: Vancouver Energy oil-by-rail terminal – Status: Active proposal

Fracked Gas and Petrochemical Projects
Digby Island, BC: Aurora LNG – Status: Active proposal

Stewart, BC: Stewart Energy LNG – Status: Active, but little progress
Kitimat, BC: Cedar LNG – Status: Active proposal
Dawson Creek, BC to Kitimat, BC: Coastal GasLink pipeline – Status: Active proposal
Campbell River, BC: Discovery LNG – Status: Active
Kitimat, BC – Douglas Channel LNG – Status: Dead; Output: LNG
Grassy Point near Prince Rupert, BC: Grassy Point LNG – Status: Active proposal
Squamish, BC: Eagle Mountain–Woodfibre Gas Pipeline – Status: Active proposal
Longview, WA: Haven propane-by-rail – Status: Dead
Bamberton, BC: Island Gas Connector pipeline – Status: Active proposal
Coos Bay, OR: Jordan Cove LNG – Status: Maybe dead
Kalama, WA: Kalama Methanol Plant – Status: Active proposal
Kitimat, BC: Kitimat LNG – Status: Active proposal
Kitsault, BC: Kitsault Energy – Status: Active, but little progress
Kitimat, BC: LNG Canada – Status: Dead
Malahat Nation territory north of Victoria, BC: Malahat LNG – Status: Active proposal
near Prince Rupert: NewTimes Energy LNG – Status: Active, but little progress;
Nasoga Gulf, BC: Nisga’a LNG – Status: Speculative
Dawson Creek, BC to Summit Lake, BC: North Merrick Mainline pipeline – Status: Probably dead
near Prince Rupert, BC: Orca LNG – Status: Active proposal
Warrenton, OR: Oregon LNG – Status: Dead
Warrenton, OR: Oregon LNG Pipeline – Status: Dead
Malin, OR to Coos Bay, OR: Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline – Status: Maybe dead
Kitimat, BC: Pacific Northern Gas Pipeline expansion – Status: Maybe dead
Lelu Island, BC: Pacific Northwest LNG – Status: Active proposal
Summit Lake, BC to Kitimat, BC: Pacific Trail Pipeline – Status: Active proposal
Portland, OR: Pembina propane-by-rail – Status: Dead
Ferndale, WA: Petrogas propane export terminal – Status: Operational
Clatskanie, OR: Port Westward Methanol Plant – Status: Active proposal
Hudson’s Hope, BC to Prince Rupert, BC: Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Line – Status: Active proposal
Prince Rupert, BC: Prince Rupert LNG – Status: Dead
Sarita Bay, BC: Sarita LNG – Status: Active proposal
Tacoma, WA: Tacoma LNG – Status: Active proposal
Tacoma, WA: Tacoma Methanol Plant – Status: Dead
Anacortes, WA: Tesoro Refinery Clean Products Upgrade – Status: Active proposal
Tilbury Island, Delta, BC: Tilbury LNG expansion and Wespac jetty – Status: Active
Kitimat, BC: Triton LNG – Status: Probably dead
Watson Island, Prince Rupert, BC: Watson Island LNG – Status: Probably dead
Tuck Inlet, Prince Rupert, BC: WCC LNG – Status: Active proposal
Cypress, BC to Prince Rupert, BC: Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project – Status: Active proposal
Longview, WA: Washington Energy Storage and Transfer (WEST) propane-by-rail – Status: Dead
Prince Rupert, BC: Watson LPG – Status: Active proposal
Squamish, BC: Woodfibre LNG – Status: Active proposal

Hoquiam, WA: County International Bulk Export Terminal – Status: Dead

Surrey, BC: Fraser Surrey Docks coal export terminal – Status: Maybe Dead;
Ferndale, WA: Gateway Pacific coal export terminal – Status: Dead;
Clatskanie, OR: Kinder Morgan coal export terminal – Status: Dead
Longview, WA: Millenium Bulk Logistics – Status: Probably dead
Boardman and Clatskanie, OR: Morrow Pacific coal export terminals – Status: Dead|
North Vancouver, BC: Neptune Bulk Terminals expansion – Status: Delayed
Coos Bay, OR: Project Mainstay coal terminal – Status: Dead
Hoquiam, WA: RailAmerica Grays Harbor Coal Terminal – Status: Dead
Prince Rupert, BC: Ridley Coal Terminal expansion – Status: Maybe dead
Delta, BC: Westshore Terminals – Status: Operational