Chasing Chimeras

A New Documentary by Barbara Bernstein

As we confront the crisis of climate chaos there are two paths we can take. We can make dramatic changes that effectively reduce carbon emissions. Or we can accept the fossil fuel industry’s specious climate solutions—renewable diesel, hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, renewable natural gas, biofuels and carbon offsets. Chasing Chimeras: The Lure of Unproven Climate Solutions tells stories of people living in the crosshairs of these proposals, working to expose the dangers that these projects pose to their lives, communities and the planet. In contrast to fossil fuel industry solutions, the documentary examines the need to implement verified renewable energy sources (wind, solar and geothermal) and energy conservation. In addition, CHASING CHIMERAS explores nature-based carbon capture and storage solutions that take advantage of natural carbon sinks such as old growth forests and wetlands.

With seven years left to stop all carbon emissions, we must focus on methods that actually work. Chasing Chimeras reveals how fossil fuel industry proposals do not really reduce GHG emissions, but mainly benefit industry’s bottom line. These deceptive solutions take money and focus away from proven methods that do drastically cut emissions and guide us towards a just transition away from fossil fuels. The documentary looks at the need to emphasize nature-based solutions that take advantage of natural carbon sinks such as old growth forests and returning beavers—nature’s engineers—to the landscape, so they can restore and expand wetlands. Through the power of audio art, images, personal narrative and music, Chasing Chimeras provides a lens into the lives and struggles of people on the front lines of creating climate solutions, justice and equity, and encourages audiences to find power in their own voices.

CHASING CHIMERAS will be broadcast nationally on community and public radio in the summer of 2024 and will be made into a video slideshow for community screenings. 

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